Educational Uses of Twitter

How might we use Twitter in the Classroom? (please share your ideas!)

  1. Project brainstorming

  2. Sharing online resources (internet sites)

  3. Connecting to others around the world

  4. Publishing or sharing links to published work.

  5. Publicity for important events, blog posts, websites, podcasts, videos, live meetings/discussions, etc.

  6. Twitter can serve as a resource to get help.

  7. Twitter can serve as your support group when struggling with a difficult task.

  8. Twitter provides a way to virtually attend confererences, workshops, conventions, etc. (via #hashtags).

  9. Back channel during lecture (using event specfic hashtags ie. #newtonfirstlaw) -- students can go back to Twitter to review, reflect, study key points shared

  10. Back channel during videos/slideshows

  11. Back channel during student presentations

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