PLN and/or PLC Resources
from Clif Mim's Podstock 2009 Slideshare Presentation

My Personal Learning Environment (video by a 7th grader) -- This is a must see!

Video: Personal Learning Networks for Educators

Hands-On Workshop: Learning to Network & Networking to Learn (wiki)

What does your PLN do for you? Wallwisher Sharing

Educator's PLN: The personal learning network for teachers

Connected Principals: Personal Learning Networks 101

Research Paper:

Social Network Analysis and the Evaluation of Leadership Networks

The PLN Matures: The Progression of the 21st Century Professional Learning Network

Five Ways to Build your Personal Learning Network

Using Twitter to Develop a PLN (by Chris Betcher on his blog called Betchablog)

PLN Explained by Will Richardson (3:44 YouTube video)

Presto: How to Build Your PLN on Twitter (3:20 YouTube video)

Liz Davis: 8 Stages of PLN Development

Beyond Social Networking: Building Toward Learning Communities

Baiting the Digital Hook to Build a Professional Learning Community

Edutopia Articles:

Teachers and Community Members Practice TLC with PLCs

How to Create a Professional Learning Community

How to Break Down Barriers to PLCs

Sue Water's "PLN Yourself" Wiki

How to Build a PLN (Slideshare by Richard Byrne)

#edchat: Join the Movement (YouTube video)

What My PLN Means to Me (blog post by Shelly Terrell "@shellterrell")

Spread Your Knowledge: Join Twitter (Part V)