Twitter for EducationUsing Twitter to Improve Teaching and Learning

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If you are new to Twitter, most resources are located on the "Defining Twitter " page!

Twitter Infographics: If You Printed Twitter, . . .

5 Ways Twitter Changed the World in 2009

"What Does Twitter Mean to You?"Eric Sheninger (@NMHS_Principal) VoiceThread

Kathy Schrock's Twitter Website

Twitter in the Classroom (Google Presentation) by Deb White at FOSSed 2010

30 Ways to Use Twitter in the Classroom (Google Presentation)

**Twitter Cheat Sheet**
by Matthew Tommasi of Social Media

The Ultimate Twitter Guidebook for Teachers (Updated)
Twitter Facts and Figures (added May 2010)
Something to Think About:Google to Make GMail Social with Status Update Features

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Twitter Workshop Opportunities:
Twitter for Beginners: Setting Up Your PLN (3-hour BYOL Workshop)
Twitter: Expand Your PLN, Increase Student Learning (50 minute session)
Setting up a Twitter AccountClick on "Defining Twitter" to learn more about Twitter, creating a Twitter account, and using Twitter.

Twitter_Wordle_#1.pngfrom Wordle using my Twitter research notes in Google Docs (prepared for Setting Sail: MLTI 2009 Summer Institute) Painters Brisbane
Students + Twitter = Interactive Storytelling

How Twitter Can Improve Teaching and Learning (please add your thoughts)

  • Follow fellow educators with similar interests/subject areas to see what they "tweet".
  • Students using #hashtags to share all posts.
  • Students using #hashtags to participate in small and full group conversations.
  • Teachers breaking down content and placing students in small groups to become experts and share via #hashtag with the full class.
  • Follow breaking news via News Tweets and #hashtags (ie. #iranelection)
  • Twitter can serve as back channel during lecture, speaker, movie, student performance.
  • Students can do research and share URL's via Twitter.
  • Teachers sharing and receiving ideas and resources at their convenience using #hashtags
  • Twitter can facilitate communication (general microblogging instead of or in addition to Ning, Facebook, MySpace)

One Good Use for Twitter??

Testament to Twitter:
Twitter for Teachers: Why You Should Start Tweeting

Is Twitter an Effective Online Collaborative Environment?

The Irony of Twitter -- Brief & Worth Reading

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This wiki was created in July 2009 by Shawn Kimball with a two-fold purpose. First and foremost, this wiki is intended to be a resource for teachers interested in using microblogging tools to increase/extend/enhance teaching and learning in and out of the classroom. Secondly, this free Wikispaces wiki is being used to organize "Twitter for Professional Development" presentations at Setting Sail: 2009 MLTI Summer Institute, ACTEM's MAINEducation Technology 2009 Conference, 2010 Midwest Educational Technology Conference, Maine "2010 Summer Tech Institutue" mini-workshops, etc.

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